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Episode 167: Mad Season

"Trick or treat!" Jesse and Bowie shouted in unison.

The door swung open to reveal Ava all smiles in jeans and a black sweatshirt. "Happy Halloween Jess you look terrific sweetie, Johnny Depp has nothing on you."

"Heís a bit pirate crazy at the moment so it was a big day when mom sent this costume in the mail." Bowie explained proudly.

"You really do look fantastic- you know, I have some special real size candy bars just for you in the kitchen just give me a second, Iíll be right back."

As Ava disappeared, Xavier emerged from the bathroom, "Hey man- youíre a little pirate dude, huh? Iím Xavier I guess youíre uh- just give me a year here and Iíll remember," he looked heavenward as though he lad a rolodex up there and ran a hand through his hair.

Bowie grabbed Jesse protectively by the top of his shoulders as Ava returned and dropped three Kit Katís, Jesseís particular favorites into his already brimming pillowcase.

"Thatís Bowie and Jesse, remember I-"

"Yeah, hey," Xavier nodded at them before looping a skinny arm around Avalonís waist.

"This is Xavier, he sings for Puritan." Ava said almost nervously, watching Bowieís face for some sort of reaction that she was hoping would look like approval.

"Yeah I think I met your lady the other day she works for Michael Gable, huh, the Kool-Aid colored hair right?"

"Right." Bowie replied.

Episode 168: Hand Me Down

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