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Episode 168: Hand Me Down

"Do you even do anything around here," Taro asked pulling the heavy book bag from his back and dropping it to the floor of Sebastianís office.

"Not if I can help it, of course my father has this annoying habit of bringing stuff in here for me to read," Bas complained dropping his magazine onto the messy desk. "Seems like itís time for lunch to me, I feel like Italian, thereís a new place on 22nd, I think."

"Itís not even eleven yet." Taro said staring at the large faced watch dangling off his wrist.

"You need to get out more Taro, they have like four-hour lunches in Spain, we can use the time to figure out how Iím going to get Ava back-" Sebastian stopped short of nearly colliding with his father on the way out.

"Get back at Avalon for what?" Phillip inquired suspiciously, closing guarding a file in his hand.

"She signed him up for some charity bachelor auction type of thing and this ninety year old woman bid on him so..." Taro ran out of lies, though Sebastian stood agape, quite astonished that his straight arrow friend had come up with any of it.

Phillip shrugged his shoulders and shook his head. "Donít do anything weíll get sued for Sebastian, so Iím here to make you an offer. You havenít exactly taken like a duck to water here so I have an alternative that might interest both of you."

Episode 169: Objection

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