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Episode 162: Brilliant Disguise

"Thanks for meeting me, we just had a huge fight, well okay it wasn’t a huge fight but it was, it’s just nuts at home, you know?" Lila said giving Sebastian a big hug inside the coffee shop.

"I have a pretty good idea, so are you finally smartening up and getting a divorce?" He asked pulling out a chair for her.

"I tell you almost everyday Bowie’s practically like well let’s breakup or get married right this second, and then I almost did this really stupid thing-"

"Not you?" Sebastian said with no sincerity. "Are you sure you shouldn’t be engaged to me?"

"That had been the dream if you’ll recall, anyway then you went ahead and fell in love with the only girl actually perfect enough for Bowie. So since we’re only allowed to be friends now, share so maybe I can get my mind off my own troubles. So after I left backstage when did you swoop in and sweep the Princess off her feet?"

"She didn’t leave with you?"

"Nope." Lila replied succinctly and both dropped the subject immediately for their own reasons.

"Hey, you know what I heard? I heard that your Kennedy couple, the Gables, it’s not quite Camelot anymore so there’s another reason to post-pone this ridiculous wedding. You can’t pass that up Li, Irish is almost, almost as good a catch as I am." Sebastian said with few pangs of guilt. It wasn’t like she was that happy and he was maybe doing her a favor, on paper at least Curran was everything she’d always wanted anyway.

Episode 163: Love Me Tomorrow

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