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Episode 163: Love Me Tomorrow

Their condo could not have been any more pristine if Jennifer Lopez and Martha Stewart had combined forces. The draperies were flowy white matching the furniture and carpeting. Michaelís Juicy Couture ensemble was an appropriately complimentary shade of tangerine. She sat in the armchair legs in the lotus position with her spillover work in her hands, ever the multi-tasker.

Curran put on a Celia Cruz CD, turned up the volume and did his own uniquely Irish version of salsa all the way to the sofa.

Turn that down will you hon?" Michael asked with a smile. "I didnít mean you had to turn it off, you know I love Celia, I just canít think when itís so loud. Ask Justine I was a bore in the dorm."

A placid smile crept across Curranís screen idol face. He walked over to the bar and poured himself a shot. And then one more.

Michael absentmindedly gnawed on the pen in her mouth as Curran once again situated himself on the sofa. As was usually the case he was spilling over with the same excess energy that had led him to do wrong things in the past.

"I think Iíll go out, do you want anything, Villa in Italy, bushel of roses?" He asked calmly.

"Huh, you know I think Madonnaís in Harperís Bazaar," she said as he came over and kissed the top of her forehead.

"Newsstand it is, youíre working so hard, donít wait up for me you need your rest."

Episode 164: Dark Horse

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