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Episode 161: Life Happened

"Truce?" She asked waving a white bag of take-out through the small opening of his door. "Come on Phillip, hot dogs and jumbo onion rings from Gusís."

Phillip approached and pulled the bag from her hand without inviting her into his office. He looked through the bag, still the same bright orange wrappings. He took a bite of an onion ring and it melted in his mouth, he was starved.

"Milkshakes?" He inquired his hand on the doorknob.

"Vanilla, extra thick." Katherine smiled as the door opened. It was like old times as they settled into the deep gray sofa that sat opposite his massive desk. Between bites she spoke, "Iím not trying to start anything but doesnít this seem so...nice, so familiar, all thatís missing is Justine curled up between us in her Smurf pajamas.

At about that time Sebastian was about to knock on the door but stopped when he heard their voices.

"I miss that too Katherine but things have changed a lot since then, itís not just the three of us. I had a talk with him." Phillip announced scrunching the wrapper in his fist.

"With who?" Katherine reluctantly asked, and through the door her son watched as the color drained from her face. Sebastian told himself that it was only for his fatherís sake that lies were running through his mind to explain Curran Gable.

"Quentin Marques, I just- I wanted to make sure he was looking after her all right," Phillip sighed his lips pinched together.

Episode 162: Brilliant Disguise

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