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Episode 160: I Don't Know Why

"Country is a little too Mary Ann for me, donít you think? And gothic, I just- Iíve never understood that whole- Oh well thatís kind of cool I guess, a carnival and you say your vows in the tunnel of love." Lila mused aloud still taking more time to enjoy the planning of the wedding than the marriage itself. In fact she was unknowingly avoiding all thought of anything more than an hour past the reception.

"I donít really think we need to do anything thatíll put us on some show on TLC, do you?" Bowie said just before Jesse landed on his lap with a storybook that required immediate reading. "What do you think Jess? Plain and simple your mom and me and you can be my best man,"

"A four-year old is not going to plan my wedding, no offense Jess. I just want something special Bowie so itís going to take time to put together; it would be nice if you could bother to- to care about what I want ever!" Tears suddenly filling her eyes, she dropped her bible-thick wedding magazines onto the floor and fled to the sanctuary of her bedroom.

"Whatís wrong with mommy?" Jesse asked his eyes all big looking in the direction she went.

"Nothing for you to worry about Jess, sheís just got a case of cold feet." Bowie assured the child. "Why donít you get started on that book and Iíll go check on mom, okay?"

Bowie sat at the edge of the bed where his fiancee had her head buried in the red pillowcase. "Lila just do whatever you want for the wedding okay? I mean, like I donít know, I could help pick out flowers or something if that- look I just want to marry you Lilac and I..."

Her eyes were as red as her hair as she turned over to look at him. "I could have messed us up really big you know, I was totally going to tell him and I donít even know why."

Episode 161: Life Happened

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