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Episode 159: What It Feels Like For A Girl

Justine stood at the edge of the parking lot cell phone to her ear. Gazing to her left, she easily spotted her husband knee deep in the ocean helping his nephew maneuver in water wings. "What would you suggest we hold guns to peopleís heads or-" with that her signal was gone and she headed back. She squashed her impulse to mash the phone into a nearby boulder.

"Surviving without you?" Quentin inquired tossing a towel at young Henry. The comment came off much more archly and meaningful than intended, these things always do.

Justine didnít care for the sound of the question, especially in front of Tal. She reached into the cooler grabbed an orange soda and took a seat off of the blanket.

"Wow Quent are you becoming some modern day baseball widow," his sister laughed. "You only just had your third Anniversary, I thought it was the Seven Year Itch,"

"He works as much as I do," Justine interjected looking at Quent in that pleading way you do when you share a silent language.

"Speaking of career gals, Maria has got herself pregnant, itís just so classic, she almost had that promotion sheís been trying to get from way back when you dumped her Quent, so classic, so our neighborhood, you know," Tal said.

With that announcement Justine stood up removed her sweat jacket dropped her shorts into the sand adjusted her bikini straps and ran out into the surf. Quentin meanwhile tried to loosen his jaw as his niece Donna Lynn dumped a bucket of sand across his shoulders.

Episode 160: I Don't Know Why

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