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Episode 155: The Reflex

"Youíre not really going backstage right? I mean look at these people theyíre like walking incubators," Taro said standing anxiously outside while Lila touched up her make-up one last time. Neither Sebastian nor Ava were speaking, though for a moment when the roadie had handed the girls their passes he had looked ready to deck the guy.

"You know what Taro?" Lila said applying an overabundance of blush. "Not everyone thinks a good time is playing Uno and sipping tea."

"Arenít you going to stop them or her at least?" Taro asked Sebastian gesturing towards Avalon. "Youíre both going to regret this; youíre acting like this is some frigginí game of chicken."

Sebastian looked at Ava as he scratched the back of his neck. "Why should I stop her? She wants to a prove a point Taro, guitar boy was playing to her all night... make sure he wears a rubber Avalon heís been around a lot more than you have."

Avalonís mouth dropped open before she spun on her heels showed the guard at the door her pass and slipped inside. Sebastian did nothing but stare at the ground.

"Smooth as honey," Lila sarcastically complimented Sebastian. "Donít worry, Iíll watch out for her, toodles, all."

Maybe a minute passed before Taro couldnít help himself. "I canít believe you said that to her man, weíre gonna at least wait out here for her right?"


Episode 156: Standing

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