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Episode 156: Standing

Avalon didnít want to be there, she was so beyond her element she may as well have been fresh from the womb. Lila had disappeared on her in short order. She found an empty wall and leaned against it as 50 Centís In Da Club pummeled the room. She had a plan to wait, to out wait Sebastian and then hop in a cab.

Suddenly someone was beside her on the wall. She reached into her purse and concealed her nail file in her hand it was the best she could come up with. She worked up the courage to turn her head. He stood there tall and thin with a black bathrobe draped over him, hood up like a boxer, one blue jean covered leg bent and boot-clad foot against the wall. A beer surgically attached to his lips.

He brushed down the hood with his free hand revealing dark waves of hair falling into his face from all sorts of angles. He pulled at one of his ears. "Canít hear a thing- they say oh yeah these ear plugs these are the ones, golden, really theyíre saying screw you by the time youíre deaf the label wonít want y- am I yelling cause man I donít- you look caught in the headlights enough yíknow. Iím Xavier;" he offered his hand at an awkward angle.

"Avalon," she answered returning his handshake and he didnít let her have her hand back.

"You are the saddest looking person Iíve ever seen in the front row," he said matter-of-factly before taking another swig of beer and staring straight ahead.

"I told Randy sheís the one in black looks like sheís gonna cry and never stop, so he gave you this," As he reached over and pulled at the laminate pass that hung around her neck he looked surprised that it was there. "I never figured youíd actually come back, you donít seem like the kind of girl who would come back."

Episode 157: Sooner Or Later

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