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Episode 154: One Way Ticket

She was shocked that Sebastian had actually come through with front row seats. Lila craned her neck back all she could see behind the stage was a guitar tech.

"I didnít know the dress code was late eighties stripper," Ava complained miserably, she didnít know why she had come, concerts had never been her thing, not like Lila in her teeny mini-skirt.

Lila scrutinized Avaís black blouse and faded jeans. "Itís tradition to not look like a nun at rock concerts it kind of spoils the mood."

"Sheís way too beautiful to waste on a nunnery," Sebastian announced making his way down the aisle with Taro past several buxom blondes. He had planned on pretending like it was just happenstance that they were all seated in the same section but his parents argument had caused him to lose a bit of his ambition.

"What the hell are they doing here Lila?" Avalon demanded to know.

"Nuns donít use that kind of language-" Sebastian joked but stopped when he saw her reach for her purse and jacket. He grabbed her by the arm just as the house lights were lowered and the audience roared. "Enjoy the damn concert, act like Iím not here, I only wanted to-"

She pulled out of his grip as Puritan took to the stage but she didnít leave.

Episode 155: The Reflex

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