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Episode 151: Girl Talk

"Quit letting him have chocolate heís spinning all over the place," Lila ordered. "Donít look at me that way- besides heís my son and I donít want him to look like a butterball."

"All right." Bowie said in a quiet steam. "Címon kid letís go bowling in the aisles Iíve got some old dented cans in back, Av let me know if we get any customers."

"Is it a leap year again?" Lila whispered sarcastically, then sighed. "Sometimes I think that boy likes him more than he likes me."

Ava didnít answer. She didnít want to involve herself, besides she wasnít sure if that boy was in fact Jesse or Bowie.

"So I heard youíre not dating anybody," Lila said flipping through People looking for the Steven Cojocaru fashion section. "Thatís cool, the solo thing, I mean Iím not dating-"

Avalon incredulously tapped her fingers on the counter. "Lila youíre engaged to Bowie."

"I know that Princess I was just making conversation okay- oh, you look all horrified, thatís pure Bowie-" Lila cursed under her breath and proceeded. "Look, Iíve always been better around guys, but you know I watch Sex & The City and Girlfriends as much as the next gal and you know it almost looks kinda nice, I mean I want someone to talk to about Ashton and Demi. Anyway so I have these tickets to a concert and Bo is not interested so how about a girls night out next Saturday?"

Episode 152: We Want The Same Thing

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