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Episode 152: We Want The Same Thing

Quentin pressed play on the answering machine right before he flipped the pancakes. Two hang-ups, then his own message to his wife and finally she speaks just as heís prying dinner from the pan. "I missed you at the garage I guess, anyway Iím having a dinner meeting see if I canít persuade Curran to think a little more like me Iíll try not to be too late."

One of his pancakes flew across the countertop. He calmly put it on a plate and let the syrup run from the bottle for so long that he should have taken a spoon instead of a fork. He put his feet up on the coffee table, plate on his lap and clicked on the TV.

Baseball, rained out, cameras trained on nothing more than a grown guy sliding in the stands. A Mexican soap opera with this guy threatening to jump from a roof while his girl cried down below smearing eight pounds of eye makeup. A close-up of a woman with dark roots claiming an NBA-er owed her child support on the news. Charlieís Angels everywhere. He clicked off the television and ate in silence.

Someone called, as he dove for the phone his t-shirt sopping up the remaining syrup. "Hello?" He asked and nearly fell off the sofa when he heard the voice on the other end of the line.

"Vincente, this is Phillip Marques-" Phillip cleared his throat. "Like it or not, you are the man responsible for my daughterís well-being, itís not as though I donít- Quentin if you are half the person she claimed you are you will do everything in your power to get your wife away from Curran Gable."

"Justine makes her own decisions Mr. Marques, thatís why she married me, remember?" Quentin replied angrily and hung up, though Phillipís words had an echoing effect in his ears along the lines of the Grand Canyon.

Episode 153: Blurry

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