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Episode 148: Here In Pleasantville

"Thatís what I like to do, you know me the girl in the cute pajamas who wants to spend all Sunday filling out crossword puzzles," Lila said, leaning back in a kitchen chair, wrestling with the newspaper and voicing the answer to a question that had not been asked.

"Do you know where the other deck of cards is, you know the Cola ones with the Polar Bears on them? Theyíre not as beat up as these ones." Bowie inquired, in a conversation that was perhaps their most intimate since that polarizing night in the park.

"No I donít know anything about Polar Bears if I went anywhere maybe I would-" Lilaís complaints landed on unsympathetic ears.

"We could take Jess to the zoo anyti- ah, here they are, Jess, take a seat little man, weíre going to build the house on the table, or maybe your mom would be interested in actually doing something with you, how about it Lila?"

"No I donít want to help, Iím just going to sit here with my newspaper and lead my fulfilling eighty year old existence, do you know if we having any cheesecake? I only ask because from my equally fulfilling evenings I know that all the hip old ladies love them some cheesecake- I donít believe it! Puritan are playing the Palladium."

"Mommy! You knocked house down!" Jesse looked at her with wounded eyes.

With seventy percent less happiness than Jesse was expressing, Bowie quietly began the process of rebuilding.

Episode 149: Lonesome Day

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