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Episode 149: Lonesome Day

Justine knew exactly what he was up to; she lived with the type, better silent than sorry. "Do you think these look like Barbie swallowed her dream house and then vomited it up? Who does he think he is Simon flipping Cowell? I went to college you know, and- and I worked at my Daddyís side for quite awhile. I donít know why you guys donít trust me; I really have a handle on this."

Bowie ran out of rolls of quarters to open. He pulled in his lower lip, had he the pleasure of being a turtle he would have pulled in his head as well. "Iím not aiming to hurt your feelings at all- how can I explain, um, okay people around here, grown up people, we donít call our father Daddy and those people our customers donít wear designer clothes, well except for him- Ava isnít here,"

"I do know other people- Iím here to speak with one of the senior partners- the smart one- have a minute Just?" Sebastian announced staunchly before following his sister to one of the ever so many empty corners of the market. "I guess Katherine already told-"

"Who? Oh, Mommy, no she hasnít been around for months, that darn Bermuda triangle must have swallowed her up again," Justine joked awkwardly, she wasnít having the most stellar of days after Curran shooting her ideas to blazes and she didnít particularly wish to be reminded of her family. "Okay, Iím bracing myself, what on earth is going on now?"

"Nothing much, I kind of passed out crashed my car and Dad found me, but that was a while back, all better now. I missed talking to you Just. Iím sorry about that other stuff, I-"

"Youíre a moron Bassie," Justine declared before hugging her brother. "Tell me this isnít all about her, I heard that sheís with someone else now and you canít-"

"I know I heard, and if you were about to say that I couldnít breathe anymore, then you hit the nail right on the head." Sebastian smiled but all his efforts to appear lighthearted were tossed out the window since he looked like he was going to be sick.

Episode 150: Count Me In

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