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Episode 147: Don't Rush Me

"This is supposed to satisfy hunger pains, right?" Sebastian asked dropping a Snickers bar onto the counter.

"If that was supposed to be some sleazy-"

"No. I promised- okay, I didnít want to make that promise but if thatís what it takes, thatís what it takes. Anyway, a guy gets hungry after working all day;" Bas answered with a smile.

"Do I dare ask?" Ava said while collecting his change. She had to count it twice. She wondered if sheíd ever be able to not react to him.

"Iím working with my father, of course I have no idea what my job is, I spent all day pretending to be busy, it was pretty exhausting. Donít ever let anyone tell you that nepotism is a bad thing, youíll see when we get married-"

He stopped himself; well she stopped him with a really ugly look, but same thing. He ate a bite of the chocolate bar. "I was kidding Ava, if Iím not allowed to joke around with you anymore just put a dagger through what little remains of my-"

"Will that be everything, Mrs. Jordan?" She had been nearly ready to melt, he knew if he could just figure out the right combination of words sheíd quit pretending like the customers in the store meant more than he did.

"Yes, unless youíd like me to deliver a message to your young man, Langston is at my home as we speak tutoring my son Paul," Sarette announced. Sebastian could have been knocked over by a feather.

Episode 148: Here In Pleasantville

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