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Episode 146: Sunday Morning

"Whatís wrong with you? Donít they make rock stars anymore?" Sebastian teased his little sister Addie as he watched her continually reposition herself on the chaise like she was Lana Turner or Jean Harlow in fifties Hollywood.

"You donít ever make sense;" Adria replied puzzled by his comments as she pushed up the pair of pink Chanel sunglasses that she swiped out of Justineís old room.

"Oh, you know, back in the day, or my day at least girls went all crazy for Gavin and Liam- you do know that the girls at the University donít look twice at him donít you?" Bas explained while folding and then sailing a paper airplane, nose diving right into Taroís thin stomach.

"Youíre such a jerk, why donít you just leave everybody alone, no wonder Ava dumped you!" Beneath her perfect Britney Spears tan, Adriaís cheeks were turning an awful shade of red.

"She didnít dump me- besides look heís sleeping and heís got the headphones on, he didnít hear that you-"

"Hear what?" Phillip asked intruding on the scene, in full suit, you could see beads of sweat that had formed at his neckline. His envy of those around the pool would remain unknown.

"Nothing-important Daddy," Adria said kissing her father on the cheek.

Her father turned his attention Sebastianís way. "Thatís a great tan youíve got son, considering Memorial Dayís barely passed. A very nice tan. Do you think you have little too much free time on your hands son?"

Episode 147: Don't Rush Me

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