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Episode 141: What It Takes

Quentin groggily walked into his small kitchen. He wore only the bottoms of the pajamas that his mother gave him, he disliked them but wore them for fear that somehow sheíd find out he wasnít. "You should have come to bed hours ago."

"What time is it?" Justine asked from somewhere amongst the ruins lying on the table. She pushed her glasses up onto her head taking several blonde locks with them.

"Itís quarter after three," her husband responded pouring himself a small glass of orange juice before walking behind her to see what she was up to. She had mapped out the store, using bright colors and swatches as a guideline. "It looks great Just,"

"You think? I donít know, I just have so many ideas and I really want them to buy into it," she said putting the glasses back and struggling through a yawn. "I shouldnít have asked you the time and I still have a lot more I want to get done."

"Drink some good old vitamin C," he said placing the glass to her lips. Then, after putting the now empty glass on the table, he bent down behind her resting his chin in her hair and observed her laborious work more closely. "Thatís like no grocery store Iíve ever seen,"

"Do you think your mom would shop there, though, I mean is this kid Bowie going to tell me itís too out there or something?" She pulled away from his grasp and stood trying to view her work from a different angle. "I donít know, I just donít want them to be able to call me on anything you know, daddy always used to do that."

Episode 142: Hold Me Down

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