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Episode 142: Hold Me Down

"He could so be one of the guys on the West Wing, I mean when it was supposed to be like good or whatever," Adria commented as Taro made his entrance onto the lawn.

Her mother Katherine was too busy boy watching herself to notice Addieís exuberant crush. Standing amongst a throng of uncomfortable men in suits was Curran sans tie and jacket, chatting up Phillip, naturally in full on wool.

"Mom, I know Avaís like the party pooper of the century but youíre really like a one woman Martha or whatever so Iím just going to take off for awhile."

"Huh, oh, yeah, okay." Katherine replied absentmindedly while watching Phillip looking ready to TKO Curran.

"Your daughter Justine is proving quite impressive, got your sense of numbers she does, a little out of touch with reality though I suppose that comes from working with you as well," Curran chuckled. "Donít know how you let her slip out of your office, major asset she is."

Phillip tried to edge his way away from the annoying dolt, as he often referred to him in his head but he was unable to swiftly get far out enough from earshot.

"Thatís your youngest over there, isnít it? Well, she just lights up the place like a Christmas Tree doesnít she? She looks a might young to be flirting with a college boy, none the matter, it seems your losses are my gain- eh, I was only joking Phil, no need to storm off like that."

Episode 143: Don't Let Me Get Me

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