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Episode 140: Bathwater

It was one of those spring days where everything was an unfulfilled promise. Every shop window was plastered with pastels and flowers were being swallowed by the torrents of rain outside. He was already there as Katherine trudged through the park, he was an on time kind of guy, one of his many charms.

He leapt off the bench not caring that his expensive shoes were being muddied, and ducked underneath her umbrella. When he attempted to wrap his arm around her waist, she began walking away nearly taking one of his eyes with her umbrella.

"If you were genuinely angry you would have gone for another part of my anatomy," Curran joked, before rejoining her once again.

"Iím not angry, Iíve just- Iíve had an epiphany," Katherine explained, glumly to say the least. "Iím not supposed to be in love with two people and youíre not supposed to be in love with two people. This just is not mathematically feasible any longer."

"Should I be ducking my head Katherine?" He made a point of running out from under the umbrella in a gangly John Clease sort of manner. "Where have you stashed the morality police?"

Katherine wore a contemptuous mask of murder where her face once was. "Youíre not goading me in that way Curran, Iím not uptight or superior or any other argument youíre going to try. Youíre a lot more like my husband than I ever gave you credit for, I suppose that makes sense. Or maybe itís just inherent in men as a species, you donít know to quit while youíre ahead, Iím pulling the plug for both of us."

Episode 141: What It Takes

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