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Episode 138: Be That Way

It was one in the morning. Dr. Marques was sitting in bed with a cold container of Chinese food and a stack of work. She hadnít exactly had her mind on it lately. Even now her attention was caught more by the Norah Jones CD playing softly on her stereo than the task at hand. This was not her usual deal.

"Have you talked to Sebastian?" Phillip asked, storming into the room.

Katherine adjusted her glasses without looking up. "I already told you, Iím not his keeper, I donít need another full time job."

"Do you know where he was last night?" he questioned her impatiently.

She lifted her head, angrily shoving her hair back behind her ears. "Look Phillip, I have a lot to do here and an early call, so unless weíre excommunicating another child, whatever the big drama is will have to wait."

Phillip shook his head disgustedly as he removed his tie. "Fine, you know donít trouble yourself one bit Katherine, Iíll let you know when the funeral is, just in case you have time and feel like showing up."

"What the hell happened Phillip?" Katherine demanded, her pen flying out of her hand.

"I canít believe you didnít see the- well a detective youíre not, he got wasted last night and crashed his car. I had to tuck him in his childhood bed and watch him curled up asleep like he still wears Spiderman pajamas. He- he had all this stuff in his car, I got rid of it, but- I just keep wondering if I hadnít found him-"

Episode 139: Visions Of Paradise

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