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Episode 139: Visions Of Paradise

"Thereís nothing that can be done on that right now, letís give it a few days. Weíll talk later," Curran Gable said shaking the hand of a man in a gray suit before taking off across the street from the hotel where he renewed his vows. "Lila!"

She twirled around in her faux Burberry trench and the matching hat nearly flying off her head in the process. He instinctively put his hand up on her hair to prevent such a disaster and Lilaís own hand landed on top of his. She removed hers, slowly.

"Adorable hat," Curran commented taking his leisurely time righting it upon her head. "Donít tell anyone I told you this but somehow when the wife puts on a hat suddenly itís like Iím married to the bloody Queen of England, itís a fright." He laughed.

"My lips are sealed," Lila smiled, it was her flirty smile which, technically she hadnít intended on deploying. Curran brought that sort of thing out in even the best intentioned.

"I doubt thatís a promise you can keep but cheers for trying," he replied, as a limousine pulled up. "Well itís not yellow and it doesnít smell like soiled socks but how will this do for a lift home, madam?"

"Oh youíre kidding me right?" Lila looked like a kid who finally got that Christmas present sheíd been waiting, oh, her entire life for. This was better than when Sebastian paid her rent.

"Thereís no point in having the wealth if you canít spread it around a little, especially if I can get a reaction like that. My driver will take you anywhere you need to go, just say the word," Curran grinned. "Though you look like your tongueís been caught."

He shoveled her into the limousine, dazed and delighted as she was. They said their polite goodbyes, though she was barely a participant. Having slightly gained her composure she spotted a cell phone and knew she just had to call somebody and tell them. She knew Bowie wouldnít get it, not that his name exactly crossed her mind, she dialed Sebastianís number.

Episode 140: Bathwater

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