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Episode 137: Sometimes She Cries

"I guess Iím not number one on the pride and joy list anymore." Sebastian said after his father left abruptly. "Ah, thatís alright, you know Iím not even all that surprised, not that my fatherís the one who found me, or you, that youíre here, itís all just typical."

Avalon clung to the edge of the table like it was her last lifeline. "Do you want any of this, thereís coffee and..." She had turned. He recognized the look immediately. Her eyes were focused on the square bandage near his hairline. She had looked that same way when he was convincing her to come to the top of the cliff. She was scared. For the first time in months, he felt something different, something like hope.

"Am I a bit Frankenstein today or something?" He asked, not letting go of her eyes.

"A bit." She replied, the expression on her face not easing up, her hand briefly covered her mouth.

He reached out for her other hand, pulling her fingers through his. "They still feel the same, I wasnít sure if they would."

Avalon shut her brown eyes and when they opened again she was crying, soundlessly. He knew that maybe heíd triggered it but that he wasnít really the reason. He got out of the bed in the same clothes soaked in the scents from the night before and took her in his arms.

For a short time they just stood there, exactly like that as she cried into his shoulder. Eventually she lifted her head and he softly pushed her hair off of her damp cheeks. And then he kissed her, just a quiet little kiss. "Iím too late, right? Iím too late."

Episode 138: Be That Way

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