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Episode 136: Big Deal

Sebastianís eyes fluttered open; he felt as though heíd slept a week, maybe he had, the sun was already blazing through the window. It was then that he realized it was the wrong window and spied his father with a stack of papers on a desk meant for a fourteen-year-old. "You didnít have to stay all night, I didnít OD or anything."

"No." Phillip responded as he packed his briefcase, it had been an exceedingly long night. Katherine had not made her way home; she had not answered her pager or her cell phone. "Was that close enough or are you going to try again?"

Sebastian shook his head. "Iím sorry I worried you, but Iím fine now pulse and everything, itís not that big of a deal, youíve just been up all night jumping to conclusions, that-"

"Fine, so thereís going to be a next time then, now Iíll know, when I find my son nearly passed out in his car wearing the windshield I should just not see it."

Bas blanched at his fatherís words but continued to pretend that it was a frivolous non-event. "This is just the kind of thing that happens in college, I-"

"That would carry some weight son, if in fact you were in-"

"Sorry my hands were full, I couldnít-" The door was ajar as Ava pushed her way into the room unannounced, she nearly dumped the full tray when she saw Sebastian and Phillip. She put it on a side table near the bed. "Cara told me to bring this up here, I had no idea."

Episode 137: Sometimes She Cries

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