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Episode 134: How Forever Feels

"Will you get into the stupid bed already Jesse," Lila said finally able to grab him mid rampage around his little bedroom. He was giggling away not particularly sensitive to her mood.

"I can settle him down if you want," Bowie offered leaning in the doorway having heard the racket from the living room.

"No, itís fine Iíve got it," Lila answered sharply, waving him away curtly. "Stick to your computing problems or whatever it is youíre all doing at that market, heís my problem,"

Bowie shrugged his shoulders and left without a word. Lila spent the next twenty minutes reading some adventure story about a mouse, she didnít even know the book had ended until she turned the last page and ran into the back cover. By that time Jesse seemed to be sound asleep. She crept to the door opting to leave the light on, he was forever afraid of the dark.

"How come I donít call Bo, daddy?" He asked as she was nearly into the hallway, stopping her dead in her tracks. That was certainly a mouthful, she liked him a lot better back when he was monosyllabic. "I like to call him that."

"Go ahead then," she snapped at him and walked out, heading for her own bedroom. Bowie was already there, turning down the sheets. He inquired as to whether Jess was asleep and then pulled her close and began to kiss her.

She broke away from him and dove for her side of the bed. "Could you just not touch me tonight? Honestly youíd think Iíve got some open for business sign dangling around my neck."

Episode 135: Fall From Grace

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