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Episode 135: Fall From Grace

Phillip pulled angrily onto the driveway, his headlights cutting through the heavy darkness of the stormy night. He hadnít had a chance to read the morning paper until late this evening and there was his daughterís face in the business section, alongside Curran Gable and what looked to be a high school yearbook photo of some young man heíd never heard of.

He wondered how that dolt of a husband of hers could let this happen. A grocery store. The best employee heíd ever had, so smart. She left it all behind for a mechanic, a grocery store, and an idiot that he wouldnít trust as far as his daughter could throw him.

As he drove further he was becoming more and more irate, so much so that it would excuse his not seeing the large square of light coming from the garage when it should have been closed shut. As he neared, it became apparent, much to his horror. One of the doors was in fact open but there was no car in the stall, it was outside rammed into the wall. It was Sebastianís car.

He stopped his own vehicle and ran to Sebastian, he pried open the car door and saw his only son slumped over the steering wheel, the radio was still playing some old song by the Rolling Stones. "Son, son, are you alright?" Phillip called out desperately.

Bas mumbled something as he lifted his head and then it fell back against the driverís seat. Phillip felt relief, he didnít understand what the boy had said, but he looked all right considering, everything was at least still attached. "Son, can you walk?"

Before he knew it, he had somehow managed to get Sebastian up to the house one slow step at a time. "Is my wife here?" he inquired of Cara. "Obviously you need to call her donít you? Iím taking him up to his old room, make the phone call Cara, and get some fresh linens for his bed."

Episode 136: Big Deal

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