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Episode 132: Since You've Been Gone

"Let me help you with that," Quentin offered taking several cases of soup out of Avaís quivering arms. "Gable can put together a wedding big enough to feed the entire third world and he canít hire a box boy to do this for you."

Ava smiled and rested her hands on her hips. "Theyíre still in, what did he call it? The reconfiguring stage, I think thatís where Bowie argues to keep things small while your wife and Mr. Gable try and turn this place into the Sistine Chapel of grocery stores."

"Thatís the feeling I had too," Quent laughed and then tried to make what he had to ask come out as naturally as possible like it hadnít been on the tip of his tongue for weeks. "So, anyway, what do you think about Gable? Sebastian said something about-"

"What did Bassie say? Hey, all done for now, weíre making progress, one baby step at a time right, we almost agree on a new sign." The words flooded out of Justineís mouth as she kissed her husbandís waiting cheek. "Telling her about Basí new girlfriend were you, she was certainly something wasnít she? Those legs are about as long as the Amazon, I-"

"I canít believe- youíre trying to make it sound like thereís something she should be jealous of Justine, you know... the girl heís with is pretty messed up and so is he Avalon, Just thinks you can fix everything, I think you should run for the hills." Quentin fired off.

"Nice Quentin, really nice, sound like my father much?" Justine responded angrily.

Episode 133: Before Me And You

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