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Episode 133: Before Me And You

The movie theatre felt like a closet. A dark dingy closet stuffed to the rafters. Okay so she wasn’t so ready to be on a date. To be alone in the dark with someone new.

Langston was a lot of things; he’d taken her to an art house movie after all. He was exactly the kind of guy that she used to date, not that she was a wild dater or anything, but, well, he just wasn’t like Sebastian, not remotely. He was sincere.

Anyone who looked at him would think he was some sort of avant-garde artist, sort of a preppie version of Basquiat. Only he was harmless, harmless as a wingless fly.

"Aw, see that happens all the time here, the old prints they’re just dying away," he said when the picture on the screen momentarily dissolved and the lights came up. "They usually have it fixed in like a half hour if you want to wait, I really would like to see the rest of this, it’s one of the all time great pictures, it just really makes you want to cry that you know your grandkids might not get to see it in this kind of format."

"Yeah," Ava agreed half-heartedly. Every conversation they’d had had seemed foreign to her from the minute he picked her up from her apartment. Everything he had to say was so well thought out and meaningful, she really almost couldn’t stand it anymore. Sebastian only said anything important when he was backed into a corner.

She felt trapped inside one of those Ethan Hawke talking movies.

"History is this infinite powerful thing that we’re all a part of, we each have our individual family histories, but it’s these ones that we all share. If it’s all around you right in your grasp aren’t you going to reach for it. Who can abide with anyone standing idly by you know, watching this enormity slip away? There’s like living breathing documents-"

"It’s starting again," she was quick to remind him like one of those people in traffic who honk if you take longer than six seconds to get going after the light turns green.

Episode 134: How Forever Feels

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