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Episode 131: Just My Imagination

Lila dug through her bottomless bag and came up with what she thought was exactly what her desk needed. A small, framed photo of her fiancť and her son, nestled right beside the computer. Her lengthy red fingernail slid down the length of Bowie when the elevator opened.

"How are you this afternoon Lila?" He asked catching the frame before it was accidentally flung right off of the desk. "I hope I wasnít what made you so jumpy, what a sweet picture you should be more careful."

"Iím trying." She said emphatically challenging him with her eyes as she took it away from him. "Iíll let Michael know that youíre early," she continued about to pick up the phone when Curran prevented her.

"That can wait a moment, I was wondering if you-" Curran began but his eyes darted instinctively to his wifeís door an instant before she opened it. "See the wife has ESP, you didnít need to tell her I was here."

Lilaís heart nearly climbed out of her chest as she tried to refocus on the photograph.

"As I was about to say before this beauty rendered me speechless," The dark-haired man said, wrapping his arm around Michaelís waist. "If you were in need of any assistance in planning your nuptials please feel free to call my office, my assistant can give you all sorts of information and Iím sure we can get you some discounts to fit your fianceís budget."

Episode 132: Since You've Been Gone

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