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Episode 130: I Miss My Friend

"I have to go powder my nose, sorry," Sara was a tall blonde in a short black skirt and her wobbly arms knocked half of her place setting on the floor as she stumbled away to the restroom. She rushed back tripping on some invisible barrier along the way. "Forgot my purse, you know, kind of need it for the whole powdering the nose part."

"Gee I wonder what kind of powder huh Bassie?" Justine growled angrily, trying to keep her voice low, Sara was making enough of a spectacle for all of them. "Isn’t this nice Quent? I drag you out on a double date for Valentine’s day with my brother and this is what we get. Of course that was before I knew about the new girlfriend and her apparent habits."

Sebastian leaned across the table, for what reason you’d never know; he certainly wasn’t choosing to speak in a whisper. "I don’t know it has a certain poetry doesn’t it? I mean we’ve got the mechanic with the heiress, though ideally pool boy would have been better, and then there’s-"

"Shut the hell up Sebastian," Quentin said gruffly. "Just, we should-"

"What is wrong with you Bassie?" His sister asked, concern suddenly overwhelming her initial angry reaction. "What is this? Is this still about Avalon-"

"Who’s Avalon?" Sara asked plunking herself back into her seat.

"Nobody," Bas stated and kissed his new friend very fully before pulling her up to a standing position. "Come on, we’ve got to go, my sister has to be up early for work in the morning, isn’t that right Just? All the women like to come in for work early right? That Gable, such a great guy, even the married ones can’t get enough, you did know that, didn’t you Quentin?"

Episode 131: Just My Imagination

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