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Episode Thirteen: Give Me one Reason

Bowie adored every movement of Lilaís face beneath the shadows, his favorite time of night. The cold cement wasnít a deterrent as he sat beside her, inhaling the scent of coffee flirting with the drug store perfume that was her greatest shame.

"I told Jesse I would buy him a star one day," she pointed to the sky. "I like that one; he should have the one that shines brightest."

"You really believe you can buy the universe, donít you?"

"You can buy anything, Jesse understands that and heís not even two yet. Fifties stuff just doesnít play now, rolling cigarettes up your sleeve doesnít make you rough."

"Ah, so Iím naive now, huh?" Bowie crushed the cigarette he had been about to light, his only vice other than Lila.

"Donít take such offence, in a lot of ways youíre truly poetic, itís just that over on your left shoulder Wally Cleaver is looming and-" Lilaís attention drifted to Bas, entering the store like he owned the place, her face grew wistful in the twilight.

"He doesnít know youíre alive." Bowie felt like his chest would implode.

Lila stood angrily. "Thatís not fair, a person canít pick who they fall for."

"Youíre not in love with him;" Bowie was an intimate inch from her. "You are afraid. I scare you and so does my lousy savings account."

"I dream about him." She insisted, like that was the ace in their little card game.

"But Iím the one here beside you and I wonít let you forget." Bowie pressed his lips to Lilaís and she was desperate to steady her knees.

Episode Fourteen: Don't Talk To Strangers

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