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Episode Fourteen: Don't Talk To Strangers

She was regal. It wasn’t because her dark brown hands were loaded with Cleopatra jewels or because the buttons on her suit carried the Chanel logo. She was born to it, like someone’s born to a name.

"Mikimoto pearls," The woman was Sarette Jordan and she was staring at the strand around Ava’s wrist. "A boyfriend gave me my first ages ago, is that how you got those?"

Mikimoto. Avalon had no idea what that meant and what she didn‘t know she tended to judge mighty harshly. This was a grocery store for goodness sake. "My mother gave them to me when I was a girl; I would have preferred a copy of Little Women." She replied quietly.

"She’d never permit a guy to give her a stick of gum." Sebastian sprang up out of nowhere. He was some really useless superhero.

"With some people, you’d have to wonder where it’s been," Ava responded acidly.

"Choosiness only proves her strength." Sarette defended her.

"She gives Achilles a run for his money;" he grinned, watching Avalon steadily.

"You’re cute, excessively annoying no doubt, but cute." The woman, old enough to be a mother to both of them, turned to leave, then stopped. "You make a striking couple."

Avalon laughed, she couldn’t stop laughing and she didn’t know why. The thought of being a ‘made’ debutante. The thought of Sebastian holding her hand. Crazy thoughts.

"Can you believe how wrong a person can be?" He laughed and suddenly the funniness of the situation ceased for her.

Episode Fifteen: Hard To Make A Stand

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