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Episode 128: The Messenger

"I canít just take off someplace; I have classes... if weíre talking spring break then-"

"Weíre not talking spring break weíre talking right now and like youíre some big spring break guy either, I mean what do you do then go to the library downtown instead of the one on campus. I thought we were friends and Iíd invite-"

"Hi guys! Long time no see!" Lila said enthusiastically dropping a stack of bridal magazines on their table at the coffee shop. "Guess whoís engaged?" She continued waving her hand at them, showing off the ring that Bowie had been carrying around since that ugly Valentineís day.

"Is that supposed to be a diamond or is it just some leftover glitter from your eye shadow?"

"Donít listen to him Lila, heís like a never ending REM song right now, I guess Iím happy for you though I guess, I mean itís an honorable institution, personally Iím going to wait until I get the career happening and everything-"

"Heís waiting until one of those Russian Mail order brides takes the bait," Sebastian replied.

"Gee, everyoneís really spreading the love at this table, and for your information Taro, like you donít already know, Bowie owns Landon Market now. Well, he owns a lot of it anyway and Curran and Basí sister are practically gonna be silent partners anyway."

"What?" Sebastian practically shouted, suddenly interested in something for the first time (that is, since he last saw Avalon). "W-why didnít anybody tell me that Justine is in business with Curran Gable?"

Episode 129: Tempted

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