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Episode 129: Tempted

"You were right," Curran said, hanging up his cell phone. "My secretary tells me I didnít mention any meeting to her so... I suppose no one called to make arrangements with Bowie. I should leave you to your evening then, Iíve been a third wheel long enough thanks to my absentmindedness. I guess Iíll pick up a pizza on the way home since Mikeís at her dadís."

"Pizza!" Jesse exclaimed tugging on the lower half of Mr. Gableís jacket.

Curran ruffled the little boyís hair. "Iím sure your mum is going to cook up something much better for you than greasy old pizza, your dad must be working up a mighty sweat moving his parentsí things into storage, heíll want something good and hearty-"

"Lucky for him, heís staying over, one last meal from his mom, sheís like some kind of gourmet, then heís sentenced to a life of my disasters-"

"Well then what would you say to my giving my favorite east side place a ring, my treat, I hate to eat alone, and besides, I hate to see any growing boy go in want of a good pizza," Curran suggested casually taking hold of Lilaís hand.

Lila smiled. "Rule number one in my book, a girl should never turn down free food."

"Good this will give us a chance to know each other better, already Iím in love with your number one rule, you have a definite cunning about you Lila Benson. What is that they always say about the woman behind the man being the truly fascinating one." Curran stated, all the while staring straight into her eyes, then dropped her hand and knelt at eye level with Jess. "What do you like lad? I bet I know; letís see anchovies, hot peppers... no? You must be kidding me!"

Episode 130: I Miss My Friend

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