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Episode 126: Sometimes I See

There it was in blazing glossy color. Michael Gable in a silver Versace gown that ran down her body like a waterfall and Curran, impossibly handsome in a long jacket and tuxedo. The article said it had been a million dollar affair not including the million spent on fireworks that blistered the crystal clear New Yearís sky as the clock struck midnight. Their first kiss of the year was even documented.

Katherine dropped the magazine, open to the layout in front of the bathroom door and began searching the hotel room for her underwear.

As she was zipping up the back of her black pencil skirt, Curran emerged, clad only in a towel. He didnít say a word, didnít even feign surprise when he saw what was waiting for him. In a simple, matter of fact way he closed the magazine and tossed it onto the nearest tabletop.

She accidentally picked up his white shirt; it wasnít the size that tipped her off, but the scent. She dropped it like it was poison and searched through the bed linens for her blouse. Curran was first to find it; he held it back from her.

"I need my blouse; Iím going to be late for my shift." She said, snatching at a sleeve.

"Katherine you need to calm down." He instructed before allowing her to take possession of her clothing. He watched her fumble with the buttons. "This shouldnít be such a problem."

Katherine sucked back tears. He was right, she had no legitimate reason to be upset. The cards, both their cards had always been on the table, but still... She dropped her room key onto the table beside the magazine and brushed past Curran on her way out.

Episode 127: Still Holding On

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