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Episode 127: Still Holding On

"Are you not talking to me anymore? Ava..."

Avalon opened a roll of quarters and let them crash into their rightful slot in the register drawer. She ran a hand through her long dark hair. "I am talking to you Bowie; Iím just... Iím a little stunned, a little speechless. People donít tell you everyday that theyíre accidentally engaged. Especially not people who are normally levelheaded except when said person theyíre engaged to comes into the picture. And, might I point out that said people come in and out of the picture an awful lot."

"I know it doesnít make any sense," Bowie said briefly hanging his head and then raising it with a sheepish smile. "But, it wasnít so much spur of the moment, I mean I did think about it for a solid 2.3 seconds there and then when I realized she said yes without me even having to ask the question, I kind of thought, may as well, everybodyís got a fifty-fifty chance, right?"

Ava hugged herself wearily, tears beginning to stream uncontrollably down her face. "I donĎt mean to... I donít know... itís just that nothing feels predictable anymore. I come into work every day not knowing if this place is being turned into some kind of theme park, and Iíve got a practical stranger asking me out and now you, youíre acting all... I just; I want something to be the same again."

Bowie put an arm around her. "Hey, itís no big thing our engagement will probably be broken within the week-"

"Donít say that," Ava said reeling in her feelings. "My best friend gets engaged and I make it about me. Very nice. I guess Sebastian was contagious."

Episode 128: The Messenger

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