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Episode 125: What Would Happen

"See, I was thinking it should be something like Dylan Laurenís candy shop in New York, you know, itís like Babes in Toyland meets Willy Wonka meets Barneys-"

"No, no thatís not our clientele, I would propose something more like the Farmerís Market in L.A., you know, health food in the city with a homespun kind of feeling, we might even have areas for local crafters. This is of course merely a suggestion, how about you Ms. Lubin, youíre a beautiful woman, what are your thoughts?"

Avalon eyed him suspiciously, she knew that he was the one that Sebastian had pointed to at the party. "Itís nice to know that youíd like your employees opinions Mr. Gable but I donít really see where the fact that some think Iím pretty makes me qualified for getting Bowieís market back on solid footing, I think heíd know best on that wouldnít you Bo?"

"I just thought weíd get a new awning for the outside or something," Bowie added reluctantly as Ava slipped past him, giving his arm a gentle squeeze of support as she headed to her register and a waiting customer.

"Avalon Lubin? Hey, I donít know if you remember-"

Ava lifted her head as she priced a loaf of bread. "Langston, of course I remember you, how are you? Still reading the heaviest books in the history of the world?"

"I could never compete with you, we miss you at school- but I know youíve had a lot going on," Langston smiled kindly at her. "Listen, I should come clean, I didnít just end up here by accident, I was telling a friend of mine, Paul Jordan about this amazing girl who just disappeared and his mother Sarette told me that you work here. So to make a long story a little bit longer and uh, to put my neck out on the line, I thought Iíd come by and see if maybe you wouldnít want to go for coffee or to a movie or something."

Episode 126: Sometimes I See

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