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Episode 124: Save A Prayer

"Oh, uh, Iím sorry to intrude Miss Lubin, I just thought Iíd drop this off for Katherine, another invitation of some sort, here, I suppose I should hand it off to you," Phillip said, his eyes darting nervously all over the place. "I, um, hope the holidays werenít too difficult for you, I know, uh, my father passed away in November of my sixteenth year, I canít say Iíve been the worldís biggest fan of holly and Dick Clark ever since."

Avalon smiled up at him and straightened the file she had been working on cleaning out. "Thank you, I made it through, whichís about all I hope for."

Mr. Marques looked down at the floor while deciding how to part gracefully, but his mind had other ideas. "Youíve gotten to know my son a little, havenít you Miss Lubin?"

The file that sheíd so carefully gathered fell from her hands and scattered across the floor. She got down on her hands and knees to pick up a zillion papers. Phillip got down on his haunches to assist.

"Please, just pretend I didnít ask. Iím just a concerned father, I donít mean it to sound like I want you to spy on my son or anything." He said, shaking his head in dismissal. "I suppose I was simply grasping at straws. Will you look at all of this stuff that my wife saves? All these vacation brochures and we havenít been anywhere since Sebastian was knee high, he was such a great kid you know, so sharp, heís always had this way of charming everybody thatís why Iíve always thought heíd do great with the business. If heíd just commit himself to something worthwhile..."

"Everyone moves at their own pace I suppose," Ava demurred. "If youíll excuse me, Mr. Marques, itís time I went home."

Episode 125: What Would Happen

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