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Episode 123: Family Portrait

Visiting the Vincente household was like going to one of those cuddly Italian restaurants they always show in the romantic comedies, which, frankly, was a bit more than Justine could stomach at the best of times. She was the blonde in a Munsters world.

There was the Christmas meal spread out over an endless table, actually three tables pushed together disguised by a cloth marked by tiny elves. Directly to Justineís left was the kiddie table, boisterous and brimming. A tape recording of Drew Bledsoe reading Peter and the Wolf was playing on the makeshift stereo system. Once one of the maids or maybe it was an assistant had read A Childís Christmas in Wales to her.

"Aunty Justine-" A dark haired little thing in pigtails approached her, Justine wasnít certain if she was one of Talís litter or another of the fifty others. That was a slight exaggeration but this family aside from herself and Quent seemed to multiply like bunnies. She hadnít seen this many people since the last time she helped her mother with The Ballet Benefit.

"Aunty Justine, can I sit with you for dinner, thereís too many boys over there," The little girl in a red sweater with a pattern of trees across the front was whispering in quite the serious tone. "Iíll be really quiet I promise."

Justine didnít know what else to do other than scoop up the child and place her in her lap. Sheíd gotten over the idea of wearing anything truly elaborate to these get-togethers. Itís like every time you wear the same black pants and blouse, expecting the dog and cat chase that happened at that Brady Bunch wedding.

"Oh, ladies, look at that, isnít that cute- for about ten seconds it will be anyway," Quentís sister laughed while buttering a biscuit. "How can you tell that Justine hasnít visited the horrors of motherhood yet? Trust me honey, we could all make wagers on how long it will take you to even get one bite to eat,"

Quentin watched as the color slowly drained out of his wifeís face. "Just, have you told them how youíre taking over that grocery store? She has amazing plans for the place."

"Have you ever even been grocery shopping?"

Episode 124: Save A Prayer

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