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Episode 122: All I Want For Christmas

"The garage doors are all stuck, frozen I guess- so if you were planning on robbing us blind youíll have to wait until thereís less blizzardy conditions." She, this girl in old blue jeans, and a ratty sweater that would have been too large for your average wrestler took Sebastianís breath. He was absolutely taken; he should never have left that CD in his car.

Avalon curled her sleeves around her body. She had gone so long without running into him at the house that she almost believed she wouldnít. She promised she wouldnít look at him. Not once. "Iím not stealing anything; joy rides on black ice would be more your idea of fun. I have to move today, your father insisted that I borrow a four-wheel drive, heís concerned,"

She moved to the door that she had just walked through, only now it wouldnít budge either.

Sebastian pushed past her, she felt safe observing him from the back. His hair was longer and more scattered; he could have used a serious shower. Ava decided that he had spent two entire months drunk on the beach in Acapulco. It was then, while she was all wrapped up in studying him that he gave up and turned around.

"Iím sorry..." he offered, and she was looking for signs of hidden meaning that just werenít there. "Itís frozen too now, or thereís snow in front of it or something, I donít know, Iíll get it open youíll just have to wait. Just, you know, keep on pretending you donít see me."

He wasnít being genial by any means, he didnít sound awkward; it was more along the lines of cruel and bitter. She had, she supposed, been expecting something else. "Are you teaching a class in that fine art? Or no, right, I heard youíre not allowed in classes anymore."

"So what?" He rammed his side into the door trying to pop it open, clearly he was in pain as he continued talking to her, though he wouldnít bring himself to truly look at her anymore. "If my sisters- or whoever, are trying to tell you Iím all screwed up or something because of you- well, itís not true, believe me itís not the first time Iíve been kicked out of school."

"Something to be proud o-" She was trying to stay with the idea of hating him for everything and anything that came to mind but Sebastian was making it difficult in spite of himself. He rammed himself into the door once more and this time, it did open and he landed on the snowy concrete outside. "Are you all right?" Ava asked kneeling down and touching his shoulder.

Sebastian looked in her eyes for a half a second before twisting away from her, pretending nothing was wrong. "Just go- just go and have a Merry Christmas, Avalon."

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