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Episode 1214: Scream

Phillip thought it was still worth a shot even if their car wasn’t in the driveway. Lights shone through the curtains, someone was surely home, in all likelihood Sebastian, he’d mentioned that Avalon had been putting in extra hours at the bookstore lately in preparation for her extended leave.

Ava, late arriving home, would be perfect circumstances. With Ava and her nay-saying out of the way, maybe he really would manage to coax Sebastian into an appearance at the masquerade gala.

It had seemed as though they’d made a great deal of progress while waiting out Walter’s medical crisis together, so much so that he’d anticipated Sebastian making the social rounds with him at the gala, only to be informed by his wife that their son had failed to RSVP.

Initially, Phillip had assumed that per usual Sebastian had allowed Avalon to make the decisions for the pair of them, however, it then occurred to Phillip that perhaps the event had just slipped past Sebastian’s radar given that his thoughts were consumed with the impending birth of his child.

It had further occurred to Phillip that Ava likely would be opposed to any sort of professional help with the child so if he framed the gala as a distraction from the baby anxiety, just as a brief respite to enjoy top-notch food and adult conversation before Sebastian was knee-deep in diapers, maybe he’d agree. Even if Sebastian only appeared for a short time, it would still be a good opportunity to build even more on their bonding session from the other day.

But, ringing the doorbell resulted in nothing.

Resigned, now suspecting that they’d left the lights on by accident or as a theft deterrent, Phillip turned to leave.

What sounded like a mix of a pained groan and a scream turned him right back around.

Episode 1215: In His Arms

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