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Episode 1213: Torn

Ava looked at the clock. Only twenty minutes had passed since Sebastian had left for the masquerade gala. He hadn’t even been long enough to get there yet. The wait felt like an eternity already, especially since she’d already done this once before. She was again stuck waiting to see how it would play out, or if this time the conversation would actually happen.

“I am about as torn as a person can be, Shelby,” Ava told her faithful furry companion, stroking the cat behind her left ear. “For me, a year, or better still a decade long break from Mr. Marques sounds pretty great, but for Sebastian… For Sebastian, I hope his dad really is finally figuring out how to be a decent, caring human being.”

Ava reached for her mug on the end table, swallowing the last of the cooled caramel mixture.

“I’ve got to stop stressing over all this,” she told the cat. “It can’t be good for the baby or for me and I really do hate it for Sebastian. Here I am complaining about feeling torn and it’s so much worse for him feeling like he has to choose between his wife and his father.”

Whatever happened with his dad, Sebastian had promised to come straight home after the talk with him and they’d work through it no matter it went, they’d work out a compromise to keep his dad in his life, if necessary.

“Talk is healthy, it’s good that he’s talking to his dad and then we’ll talk after, this is all good. Talking is so healthy that I’m even talking to a heavily dozing cat and I feel better for it.”

She felt so much better that she suddenly had enough energy to satiate her continued craving for more of that sweet caramel flavor.

Avalon pushed herself up off the sofa. She only managed two or three steps though before pain overtook her progress and she unleashed a guttural cry so piercing that it startled Shelby off of the sofa and sent Ava down on one knee.

Episode 1214: Scream

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