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Episode 1212: State Of Grace

Ava poured hot milk from the pot into her favorite mug with its colorful pattern of books and cats. She stirred in the caramel flavored cocoa mix, an indulgent splurge from her last grocery shopping trip, exactly what she was craving.

Continuing to stir, Ava turned at the sound of Sebastian rummaging through their extraordinarily messy catchall junk drawer in the kitchen.

ďDo you want help finding something?Ē she asked.

Sebastian rummaged a bit further before stopping and facing her. ďUm, well,Ē he grimaced a little, ďdonít overreact to this, but did we keep the invitation to my momís masquerade gala thing?Ē

Ava didnít want to overreact any more than he wanted her to, things had been too silent and tense around their household since each of them had done an about face in regards to Sebastianís father and whether or not to confront him.

ďYou never really said whether you wanted to go. I do realize that it wouldnít have been fair of me to decide that for you so I kept the invitation,Ē she said, ďplus the invite just looked too fancy to toss it into the recycling. Itís tucked away in my stash of ephemera for my journal. Iíll go grab it, it wonít take a minute.Ē

Ava walked into the living room, pulled open the end table drawer and sifted through the pages underneath her journal, finding what she needed. With a quiet sigh, she headed back to the kitchen.

ďIím not actually going to the gala,Ē Sebastian said. ďI just donít know if someone other than Lila will be manning the doors so I thought I might need the invitation to get inside without drawing a bunch of attention to myself. Iím just going there to have that overdue conversation with my dad.Ē

ďYou donít have to do that. Especially not tonight when theyíre having a party.Ē

ďYeah, I do need to do this, and the sooner the better, even if it means crashing their good time. I want to fix things with you and I and thatís starts with figuring out this thing with my dad. Iím not saying this means Iím cutting ties with him though, I donít really want that.Ē

ďItís okay. I should have said itís okay days ago. Maybe you can just spend time with him on your own, I donít know, weíll figure out a compromise if this is a relationship you need. You shouldn't have to sacrifice time with your dad for me, I shouldnít keep making you feel like itís either him or me. Itís not.Ē

ďI totally get why you find him toxic, I feel that way sometimes, too. But yeah, maybe a compromise, weíll see. Thatís why Iím going to put it all out on the table with him, check out his reaction, see if he apologizes and seems to really understand that itís not acceptable. Iíll judge from there where he and I stand going forward. So thatís why Iím going to the gala, not to perform prodigal son duties or anything, itís all about getting in there and grabbing my dad to talk since I know thatís where heíll be and he wonít skip out on my momís event for work, use that as an excuse not to talk.Ē

Episode 1213: Torn

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