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Episode 121: The Finest Gift

"They should change that song to Iíll have a blue Christmas with you," Lila complained, nearly falling into the tree as she reached up as high as she could to place a candy cane. "I tell you Bo you better have something darn near magnificent in those presents down there to excuse how jerky youíve been lately."

"Oh listen, did I tell you? Curran came by the office, you know, heís got like the best New Yearís plans in the history of the world." Lila gushed, stepping over Jesse, who was tangled up in a box of ribbons that heíd taken a shine to.

"I heard." Bowie said that quite tragic-like, daily he was sounding more and more like that tubby gray donkey from Winnie-the-Pooh. "Stop putting stuff on the tree, the lights go first,"

"Donít sound too excited or anything, itís only the most romantic thing ever, I would love to re-new my vows at some posh hotel with a symphony playing all the songs in the history of the world that ever meant anything to me and- oh, heís like completely filling the place head to ceiling with white lilies, theyíre Michaelís favorite flower, he just thinks of everything."

Bowie gave her one of his judgmental lash filled glares and then began the arduous task of untangling the strands of lights, this was his yearly job, though normally at his parents house. They decided to pass the decorations on to him since they were currently prepping for their big move.

"Why donít we just go down the block to the Mega-store and get some new ones, I mean the holidays will be over before you ever get anywhere near plugging that in," Lila observed with her arms crossed over her chest. "Why donít you come with, Jess, we can see Santa again?"

"Uh-uh," Bowie shook his head determinedly. "These are tradition; it is not Christmas unless you spend five hundred hours on the tree; besides I canít afford new ones, not if you expect me to give you some Princess Di wedding and then the renewal too."

"Did you just propose to me?"

Episode 122: All I Want For Christmas

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