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Episode 1204: Clumsy

“That’s the entire story,” Ava concluded or so it seemed, but eyes glistening with tears she continued on. “I was upset about us, upset that you had done this manipulative thing and that wasn’t the guy I married. So I was upset and Xavier showed up, he saw I was upset and he got down on the floor beside me. He put his arm around me and like I said, we talked. That’s all we did is talk. I know even talking isn’t a great move on my part, he’s my ex, and a big insecurity for you, I should not have been talking to him about our relationship, that was it’s own kind of betrayal and I wish I hadn’t done it. I’m so sorry about that and I’m sorry I let him put his arm around me. That I didn’t shrug him off, it’s something I deeply regret. I know how it looked and I will never forget how hurt you looked. Then before I could explain, you walked out and…”

Tears streaked his wife’s face. His very pregnant wife’s face. Why were they having this conversation?

“It’s okay,” Sebastian said.

“It’s not okay that I’m the reason you nearly died, Bas.”

“I’m fine now.”

“That doesn’t just wash away this truth that I hurt you so badly that you didn’t have the wits to look both ways. And I’ve waited so long, too long, to tell you any of this. At first maybe I could justify it because you were recovering, but…”

“I don’t care about this,” he said, though his gut felt as if it had taken to the high seas. “We don’t need to talk about this. It’s upsetting you for no reason and this isn’t the time for you to be upset about things.”

It was upsetting for Sebastian to wonder why she would bring this all up now, if it meant Xavier had wandered back into the picture. “Why revisit all this?”

“Because you deserve to know the truth.”

“I already knew,” he admitted.

“What? Why would you lie and say you didn’t remember? All this time, if I’d known you knew…” She shook her head.

“I wanted to avoid this conversation. I wanted the chance to start over, erase Xavier from our story. But here you are, introducing him and I have to tell you, Ava, this is brutal timing. Brutal. Why would you bring him up, bring this all up when we’re expecting a baby, when we’ve been so happy the last few months.”

“I haven’t been happy.”

Ava’s confession hit him like a sucker punch. “You’re not happy?”

Reaching across the table, Ava took his hand. “You’re trembling so much.”

“That’ll happen when your wife is bringing up her ex and talking about how she’s unhappy.”

“I didn’t mean I’m not happy with you or about the baby. I’m sorry I’m making such a clumsy mess of this conversation. I’ve just been so stressed about all of this for so long that I’m having trouble articulating everything. I haven’t been as happy as I should be about us and the baby because of how guilty I’ve felt for not being honest about what happened. Your explanation for lying about keeping quiet that you knew what you saw the day of your accident, it makes sense, I understand wanting to just erase things and start over but because I thought you didn’t know, plus I had the guilt over what you saw. So that’s why I didn’t tell you then but I wanted to tell you today, and bring this child into our lives with a clean slate ahead of us, and without somebody blackmailing me, constantly threatening to tell you the truth you apparently already knew.”

“Who’s blackmailing you? Xavier?”

Ava shook her head, and clearly hesitated. “Your dad.”

Episode 1205: Someday

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