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Episode 120: The Call

"Itís absolute torture Hannah," Adria complained loudly into her pink cell phone. "Itís not like anyoneís around anyway all of you are in Sun Valley and Iím stuck here, my parents come home like once a week and my brother- hold on, Han,"

Avalon was walking out of Katherineís home office with a list of the various charity functions that the Marquesí were considering attending over the holiday season when Adria popped out of her doorway. "Oh, hi, you must be thrilled to be off on winter break,"

"Yeah, I can barely stand the excitement, if you see any of my family tell them Iím still alive, huh," Adria said glumly and walked back into her bedroom leaving the door wide open this time so that she could easier identify the passersby.

"Iím back, that was just my brotherís girlfriend, or ex-girlfriend I guess Iím not even supposed to know that they were ever dating like itís not totally obvious. Uh-huh, oh, no itís nothing like that, sheís gorgeous like I donít know Josie Maran or somebody, no, itís just you know, like Justine and her mechanic-"

"Nothing, I just thought I heard somebody, I guess not, anyway her mom like died and my brother didnít even go see her and say he was sorry or anything. I donít know, heís just so stupid sometimes you know, itís like, last Christmas he bought her this super beautiful diamond bracelet and then he didnít even give it to her. A couple weeks ago he got like, kicked out of the University, his professors told him thereís no point in taking your finals cause you like never showed up the whole semester anyway, heís all like heartsick or something. Uh-huh, I know, it would be so romantic."

Avalon knew she shouldnít have been standing there at the top of the stairs listening but she couldnít help herself. She just had to pretend like she hadnít heard a thing, like she didnít care, and eventually sheíd believe herself.

Episode 121: The Finest Gift

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