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Episode Twelve: You Better Run

"Look at how you obsess, no wonder school is an afterthought, how ever could you find the time for it?" Justine Marques-Vincente observed while soaking up the luxury of her posh surroundings, tables with actual linens on them was becoming a scarcity in her life.

"Iím not obsessed, sheís just infuriating, treats me like Iím a professional Kato or-"

"Horrible miscasting! So sheís a name tag person, daddy must have the dry heaves."

"Iím not about to fall for her; I have priorities unlike some people." Sebastian insisted.

"Gosh," Justine took a sip of water. "Itís the hamster all over again isnít it? You are going to remember to feed her, arenít you? Or, hey remember the guitar lessons-"

"Funny," he tossed a balled napkin at his big sister. " Those married to Fonzie should hold back on the stone throwing."

"Early Travolta, Bassie," Justine tilted her head back and laughed. For a minute she considered telling Sebastian what a drag marriage was. "So, donít tell me, youíre going to rip this little innocentís heart to shreds,"

"All I want to do is prove Avalon wrong about us, I just need to figure out how," Bas explained.

Justine grimaced, Bassie was so much like mother, he never thought things through; heíd never read a set of directions in his life. "Perfection, absolute perfection, youíre going to teach her respect for us poor little richies, honestly Bas, do you have a brain in that pretty head of yours?"

Episode Thirteen: Give Me one Reason

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