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Episode 1191: Blame It On The Rain

“Leave the child be,” Rodney said. “I can attest to the parents she already has, reputable, successful, pillars of society-”

“Curran Gable isn’t a pillar of anything,” Paul argued, breaking his own rule, the one where it was easier to just not refute anything his father said no matter how much he disagreed with him.

“Gable is more accomplished than you’ll ever be at the rate you’re going, young man.”

“Rodney!” Paul’s mother interjected. “Is this really necessary right now? This has been an enormous surprise, why not take some time to sit with it and-”

“I guess whether or not you consider Curran accomplished in=s in the eye of the beholder,” Paul said. “The guy doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being nice, not even to his own wife. We’ve all heard the rumors. You’re really cool with someone like that having an unimpeded influence your only granddaughter? You don’t think she’d be better off if I was there to counterbalance him?”

“I don’t have a granddaughter.”


“Sarette. Let me say what needs to be said. The boy clearly needs someone to set him straight. I do not have a granddaughter, Paul, because you gave her up. It’s too late to change that in any way that won’t bring the type of attention that none of us including that girl, need. You’re right about Curran Gable, there have long been rumors of his poor conduct but the key is, he’s never let those incidents become anything more than rumors, he’s kept his private business private, unlike what you’re intending to do with this custody nonsense.”

“It’s not nonsense to want to spend time with my kid, though it is understandable how you would see it that way since spending time with me outside of the office has always been such an imposition for you,” Paul noted.

“Yes, by all means blame your father for your poor choices,” Rodney snapped. “While you’re at it, blame Curran and Michael for picking up your parental slack, punish us all including your daughter by turning our lives into a spectacle. If you think I’m going to support that emotionally or financially you’d better reconsider. You’d better make sure you have the money it will take to go up against Curran’s lawyers. You will not receive a penny of fincially backing for that from me.”

Episode 1192: The Middle

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