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Episode 1192: The Middle

Hope swiped at the tears beneath her eyes, her stomach in tangles.

“Whatever you decide it’ll be a fun summer,” her best friend Jenny encouraged, giving Hope’s hand a squeeze as the pair sat opposite each other, cross-legged on Hope’s bed, the summer camp’s big glossy brochure spread out before them. “Either we go try a million different things at this camp or we stay home and have a billion options there, too. I’d already been looking at community events and programs and stuff online since I mean it wasn’t even on my radar that I might get to go away somewhere, there’s really a whole bunch to do at home, so-”

“Great, just great, now that’s something else I have to take into consideration, that I should have taken into consideration, but all I’m thinking about is myself,” Hope lamented. She launched to her feet and paced beside the bed.

“What! That’s crazy talk, all you’ve been thinking about is how your two dads are going to feel about whoever you choose to spend the summer. I don't think you’ve thought enough about yourself, Hopey,” Jen argued.

“I have just been thinking about myself and how my dads’ reactions might affect me,” Hope said. “I’ve been so caught up that I didn’t even consider what an opportunity my best friend might miss out on if I say no to the camp. You’ve never even left the city before and here I am thinking about maybe taking that possibility away-”

“I’m good either way, Hope, I swear. I just want to hang with my bud, I don’t care if we’re at sleepaway camp or my backyard, if I get to go somewhere, great, if not, it’s not a biggie.”

Hope plopped down on to the bed and gave her friend a big hug. “Thanks, I really needed to hear that and see that you mean it. That’s at least some weight off.”

“Your dads should be taking the weight off you, too,” Jenny pointed out with a frown. “You’re sitting here in tears over what choice to make – a choice that should be fun. And those tears are all about you not wanting to hurt either one of your dads and what are either of them doing to see that you aren’t hurt?”

Jenny pulled in her bottom lip, gnawing on it for a moment. “I’m not trying to be mean about them, okay? So please don’t hate me, but I think maybe I need to say it because you don’t seem to notice. I think your dads, they’re kind of acting like jerks putting you in the middle like this.”

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