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Episode 1190: Talk Of The Town

Im not pleased, son. Im not pleased with any of this, Rodney Jordan said. He stood and strode to the window, observing his kingdom if you will, before turning back to the heir he obviously didnt feel good about inheriting it all.

When are you pleased with me? Paul muttered under his breath. Hed dreaded this conversation for years, from the moment Lucy told him she was pregnant.

I didnt raise you to be irresponsible, his father huffed.

Thats what Im doing right now. Im taking responsibility. Thats why Im telling you this. Because he had no choice. Because if legal proceedings happened his father was bound to hear about it and his reason would be even worse if he found out from someone else.

I for one am looking forward to being a grandparent, his mother interjected.

She hugged Paul as if all this was brand new to her, as if she hadnt already met her granddaughter. Paul supposed it made sense that his mother was so good at putting on a facade, between her everyday performative stuff shed had to do to get along in high society her entire life and her own secret child shed yet to tell his dad about, the woman had eons of faking it to make it, under her belt.

Im so pleased youre taking action to bring this girl into our lives. Arent we pleased about that, Rodney?

Paul squeezed his moms hand in silent thanks. While he doubted shed be successful in bringing his dad on side, he was grateful for the attempt, especially knowing how little she liked to rock the boat.

Am I pleased that our son has suddenly decided to be a father after skipping out on how many years of her life. Strangely, I would have preferred that hed married, then had a child, then actually raised that child from the start instead of behaving like a deadbeat.

He gave the girl up for adoption, thats a selfless act, Rodney. Paul knew at the time he wasnt ready to be a parent yet and rather than foist that on an innocent child, he left her to parents who could properly care for her.

He passed the buck is what he did, his dad said. And now hes letting the whole world know it by finally acknowledging the child. Honestly, son, I thought your lack of commitment to your career was bad enough Perhaps you should think about getting your life in order, starting with getting off cruise control at work rather than adding yet another thing to your plate that you arent going to handle well. Id rather not be the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

Episode 1191: Blame It On The Rain

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