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Episode 1187: Help

“Of course I’ve thought about what all of this might mean for me, it would be impossible not to consider that, not to think about how I might respond if this leads to her asking me to be part of this expansion of her family. But that isn’t chief of mind. Chief of mind is what all this might mean for Hope.”

Lucy sighed and sipped her coffee. “When I chose Curran and Michael to be her parents, I knew Curran wasn’t, well, an easy person, but over the course of my pregnancy I saw him grow and soften when it came to his wife and child. But he is different with people he doesn’t love. And I think right now Paul is at the top of that list. I’m worried that full on war will break out and Hope will be caught in the middle of it.”

Lucy wasn’t all that hungry but at the same time she figured her empty stomach wouldn’t contribute helpfully to her anxious mood. She reached into the picnic basket set down next to the coffee table. She plucked out one of her favorite comfort foods, a soft pretzel, popping a tiny piece into her mouth.

“Maybe you’re getting ahead of yourself. Paul has spent how many years now telling you that he wants a relationship with Hope without following through? Maybe he’s crying wolf again.” Xavier opened one of the fruit salad containers she’d packed up for the picnic, dipping a spoon into it.

“This time is for real, there are lawyers involved and visitation. I believe Paul’s heart is in the right place, and Curran’s, too, for that matter, both think their cause is just. But I’m worried all of this will do Hope more harm than good.”

“She might have those two battling it out, but she also has Michael and you, there for her. This is what you do, you’ve devoted your career to guiding kids through tough terrain, you’ve got her back if she needs it. I have total faith in that.”

“I needed to hear that, thank you. First thing tomorrow I’ll reach out to Michael let her know I’m available for whatever Hope might need from me.” Lucy took a heartier bite of her pretzel.

“Thank you,” she said again when she’d finished chewing. “I’m not glad our dating experiment is on hold but I’m grateful that you didn’t let me wallow alone tonight, that our friendship is superseding everything, that I could talk through my stuff with you, now we need to get into your Ava stuff, help you sort that out.”

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